Cooperative Advertising Plan


Patten Seed Company will share in the cost of cooperative advertising of TifBair Centi-Seed and Zenith Zoysia seed with dealers and distributors on the following basis. This is our only cooperative merchandising agreement and it is available to all retail dealers.

The total expenditure is not to exceed $2.00 per pound of TifBair or Zenith seed purchased by the dealer. (Applies only to coated seed weight, does not apply to mulch poundage.)

Of the total amount spent by the dealer who purchases one factory pak of TifBair Centi-Seed (30 pounds), we will reimburse the dealer up to $60.00 ($2.00 per pound). For example: a dealer buying 100 pounds of TifBair or Zenith, upon presentation of documents requested below, may be reimbursed up to $200.00 ($2.00 per pound).

Reimbursement will be made only when the following Terms of Agreement are met.

Zenith® Zoysia and TifBlair™ Centi-Seed® are trademarks owned by Patten Seed Co. and must be displayed as ®/™ on all printed material.

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