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Patten Seed Pledges Donation
Two farms are now on-line in Georgia
8 Remediation Steps
Our TifBlair Centipede is called Ecograss because of the minimal amounts of fertilizer, mowing, and watering needed.
Emerald Zoysia vs. Zenith Zoysia
Emerald Zoysia vs. Zenith Zoysia
Useful On-line tool!
Teaser Picture!
3 tips for wise mowing.
Our esteemed compost is now available in a much smaller bag.
Our organic humus compost gives grass seedlings a tremendous start.
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TifBlair Centipede, that is.
(new or existing lawns)
Why would you spend hours on your knees planting Zoysia grass plugs when you could just sow Zenith Zoysia seed?
What to do when the Forsythia starts bloomin'!
TifGrand and Tifway Bermuda sod painted green for winter: Instant Impact!
Featuring lawn care tips and e-specials.
Our Soil3 Organic Compost brand sponsors soil talk.
Wing over to our website on your Smart Phone.
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