Quality Lawns Raise Home Values

Washington Times reports that a realtor in Maryland pointed out that FRESH SOD shows well in photos. “80 to 90% of buyers are looking at houses online,” she said, citing a recent statistic put out by the National Association of Realtors, and adding that buyers will then drive by the houses they’ve seen on the Internet. “The lawn makes the first impression. If people don’t like what they see, they’ll drive by and won’t even come into the house.”

Mehmet Halici, an associate broker with Weichert Realtors in Maryland said that the front lawn is important, especially at this time of year. “Perception is reality - that’s why exterior landscaping is so crucial,” he said. “If the lawn is manicured and there’s mulch and flowers - all of this says that the current owners are taking care of their property. If the exterior is taken care of, the buyers will think the interior has also been taken care of.”

-from TPI News

If you can't lay fresh sod, consider renovating your existing lawn by aerating with a core aerator and spreading Soil3 organic humus compost. Read: Topdressing Existing Sod with Soil3
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