Terms of Agreement

  1. Cooperative TifBlair™ and Zenith® advertising must appear in newspapers, on radio or television. No other medium can be allowed, and we will pay no part of the cost if TifBlair™ and Zenith® are advertised at prices lower than the suggested retail price.
  2. In newspaper advertising, the registered trademark TifBlair™ and/or Zenith® must appear. Go to www.pattenseed.com and click on "Cooperative Advertising Plan" in the lower right corner of the opening page for FREE easy to copy digital artwork to include in your local ads.
  3. In broadcast advertising the name TifBlair™ or Zenith® must be used prominently in the script and on television the trademark(s) must be used.
  4. Only space and time costs can be included. Production costs cannot be included under this agreement.
  5. Proof of advertising must be supplied. Newspaper tear sheets are required for newspaper insertions and affidavits of performance are required for broadcast with copies of broadcast scripts. Copies of media invoices or statements must accompany proof of performance.
  6. We will pay the dealer's actual expenditure to the extent of the qualifying amount as determined by number of pounds purchased ($2.00 per pound), excluding production costs and, in accepting this agreement, dealer agrees that the rates charged to us are the same as actually paid by him for the advertising service rendered.
  7. If other items are advertised with TifBlair™ and or Zenith®, we will pay only that part of the advertising devoted to our products.
  8. Claims under this agreement must be made within 90 days of the last date of advertising.
Mail invoices or statements with proof of performance to Patten Seed Company, P.O. Box 217, Lakeland, Georgia 31635-0217. Payments will be made promptly by check. No deductions from our invoice are allowable.

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